CPRE Foundation Level acc. IREB - videotraining   

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Following functionalities are offerd:

  1. 1. Videotraining:  CPRE - Foundation Level IREB - from Peter Hruschka

    "Effective Requirements Engineering" 

  1. 13 mainchapter, subdivided  in smaller lessons (total 13,5 hours videocontent)

  2. note-function (also as communication tool between other learners and coaches) 

  3. course-slides online incl. note-function 

  4. bookmark-function

  5. search-function (fulltext-search)

  1. 2.Module Deepening Questions (at present 130 pc.)

3. Module Test/Certification (pre- und posttest) incl. the free IREB-test-questions (34 pc.).

REomnis portal functionality - Videotraining CPRE Foundation Level

  1. 1.Introduction and basic terminology

  2. 2.Starting projects successfully

  3. 3.Functional requirements (1)

  4. 4.Functional requirements (2)

  5. 5.Defining requirements in prose

  6. 6.Handling of data

  7. 7.Models of behavior

  8. 8.Non functional requirements

  9. 9.Requirement documents

  10. 10.Finding requirements

  11. 11.Checking and finishing requirements

  12. 12.Requirements management

  13. 13.Requirements tools

The content of the videotraining is according the curriculum of IREB (International Requirements Engineering Board) http://www.certified-re.de/

Training content CPRE Foundation Level acc. IREB with Dr. Peter Hruschka