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What are the major functions of the REomnis Portal?

Training Portal

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Welcome to our REomnis Portal!

Before you start, please read some declarations about the handling of the portal. 

Menue Training:

In the menue bar "Training" you start your training.  You can add notes to each video, which makes it also possible to communicate between other users or your coach. In the tab „Video“ all known functions are possible to do: like fullscreen, play forward, back etc.

You can proof your knowledge in the tab „Questions“. After reply to every question

(right or wrong answered) you will find secondary information (video link) which contains the answer of the question.

The deepening questions are only announced for chapters which are already marked as learnt. (setting the marker to each chapter).

Every question has to be answered correctly for three times to be marked as „acquired“. After that, these questions fall out of the question-pool.

Statistic“ offers detailed analysis on the current state of your training progress.

An graphic representation you’ll find in the menue „Dashboard“

In the tab „Slides“ you’ll find the slides to each learning chapter an the possibility to make notes.

The bookmark function helps to organize your learning strategy.

Menue Dashboard:

Here you find a graphical representation of your training progress.

On the right side you see the whole conversation (notes) of the users.

Menue Statistic:

If you have ordered this option, you are able to create your own statistic based on groups and departments information. Every query can be stored separately and be called again later.

Menue Test/Certification:

Here you can choose between different test-types: pretest, posttest and Certification.

Then you choose out the course you like and also the wanted questionnaire. Here you also find the official test questions of the IREB (34 pc)

Now you are ready to start the test. Therefore you klick on „Start“.

On the left side of the screen you see all Questions which will be shown on the right side waiting to be answered. You don’t have to one question after the other, you can go forward or backward on the left or right side. In the overview you will see, which questions have already been answered.

If the test is completed, you receive a test evaluation (tab „statistic“)

Menue Search:

This function provides to find every content you need. The full text search shows the result of your searching selected in categories (notes, video lesson, question, titles and slides)

We made video tutorials for further information.

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Welcome to the REomnis help-system

Here you find all answers for using the REomnis portal