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Browser Settings
Are there special browser settings I have to take care of?

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The following attributes must be set correctly:

  1. Internet access must be provided

  2. Adobe Flash Player has to be installed. (excepted smartphones, tablets)

  3. Streaming of flash-contents hast to be allowed. (excepted smartphones, tablets)

  4. To see the course slides a pdf plugin has to be available.

  5. Your firewall has to allow the port 8080 on

  6. The port 80 (standard) and 1935 on must be accessible

  7. Java-Script has to be activated.

  8. Cookies have to be activated.

Special settings for iOS:

  1. Settings / Safari / private surfing OFF

  2. Settings / Safari / allow cookies ALWAYS

  3. Settings / Safari / JavaScript ON

  4. Settings / Safari / Pop-Ups hide OFF

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