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20-day-trial-version portal functionality:

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There you'll find an overview for following modules:

  1. 1. Videotraining:  CPRE - Foundation Level IREB - from Peter Hruschka

    "Effective Requirements Engineering" 

  1. 13 mainchapter, subdivided  in smaller lessons 

  2. note-function (also as communication tool between other learners and coaches) 

  3. course-slides online incl. note-function 

  4. bookmark-function

  5. search-function (fulltext-search)

  1. 2.Module Deepening Questions (at present 130 pc.)

3. Module Test/Certification (pre- und posttest) incl. the free IREB-test-questions (34 pc.).

In the 20-day-trial version, the module "Statistic" is not available (Statistic - overview for heads/coaches etc.)  

20-day-trial-version content:

Chapter 1: 1.0 overview and 1.1 Fundamentals of successful projects

Chapter 2-13: overviews

Chapter Intermezzo: complete

Questions: deepening questions from chapter 1 (5 pieces)

Slides: Chapter 1 only

Test/Certification: the free IREB-test-questions (34 pc.)